Love her, send her Cartier jewelry

“Love her, send her replica Cartier jewelry!”

Now, Cartier jewelry has become a dream of lovers around the world, its classic red box has long been a symbol of luxury and true love, it has experienced 160 years of wind and rain, creating countless dazzling excellent works.

Amulette De Cartier ring

Amulette De Cartier ring

Cartier brand creation and development, during this period of grudges, ups and downs, can write a family of struggle history, entrepreneurial history.

As early as the spring of 1919, for the 44-year-old Joseph Cartier is an unusual season.

At that time, founded in 1847 the family jewelry brand Cartier has passed from his grandfather’s hands to his generation. In the eyes of most people, Joseph talented, more shrewd business mind, his father has long regarded him as an irreplaceable successor to the fake Cartier jewelry family. However, the fly in the ointment is that Joseph’s marriage belongs to a purely commercial marriage, and there is no emotional basis between him and his wife.

Cheap cartier love bracelet in

Cheap cartier love bracelet in

People with people for a long time, naturally will have a tacit understanding, you know my temper, I am inclusive of your wayward, as long as a look, a little trick, you know what the other heart in mind, harmony and harmony. Such feelings and fate, and sometimes, really can not meet the situation.

Shakespeare said: no matter how good things have lost the day. And then deep memory also have a forgotten day. And then love the people, there are far away one day. And then the dream of the day there is a wake up. So “love her, send her replica Cartier jewelry!”

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